“The Radio Journey”

The journey for me has been great at times and bad at times, really all of the above but that is the best part and to be honest THAT is what a journey is, you never really know what is going to happen, your just along for the ride!  It all began in Virginia Beach when I was tired of working in a restaurant and wasn’t quit sure what I wanted to do with my life, so I had a thought that I should go do fun stuff at the radio station like go backstage and meet the artists etc.  So I went to Entercom and got a part-time job as a promotions kid, making $8 an hour.  I basically set up equipment for the On Air personalities and got to go to a lot of the events, and I bartended to make real money to pay my bills because after all I was 24 and lived on my own and had lots of bills to pay with no help from anybody, I say this because for all of the people I knew at that time that was unusual, most of my friends had some kind of help from their parents. It was not new to me though as I left my house at the age of 18 and had been on my own paying bills, but anybody that has ever worked in radio knows you’re not going to make a lot of money so you must have a side hustle! So I bartended to pay bills, was going to school full-time, getting paid to do promotions and every other waking moment I had I was in the radio station learning anything and everything I could, and No I was not paid to do that.  I was taught if you want it you got to go get it no one will hand it to you!

Once I started working in promotions I really started to fall in Love with radio and I finally realized what my dream and passion was,  being on the RADIO. I found that my quirky personality fits on the programming side AKA the On-Air side.  One does not get On-Air just like that though, it takes work, practice and persistence! Persistence on your managers to let you on the air so you can be horrible for a couple of years then get great! That’s literally what happens, I listen to some of my air checks from then and I cringe but its part of the process and I would NOT be where I am today if it wasn’t for that beginning period, so I am very Thankful for that! My very first operations manager Don London, gave me my first shot on the air because a hurricane was coming through the area and he needed me there overnight to give weather updates every 15 minutes. I will NEVER forget when he walked in the studio to ask me if I wanted to make my on-air debut that night, the only way to describe it is, it was like the BEST Christmas morning EVER! But the reality was I had NEVER been on the air before and I was told to bring a blanket and pillow to the station with me because well, there was a hurricane coming and I could get stuck there! I had to be at the station at 12am and work till 6am, so I get to the station at 11pm and practiced my very first LIVE on air break, what I was going to say, for an hour!!! When it was time to go on the air I pressed the mic button to go on the air turned the fader up and started talking like I had been on the air forever until I froze in a middle of a sentence, literally froze, I mumbled shit under my breath and turned the mic off as quick as I could, but I didn’t think you could hear it, and the rest of the night went great well for a newbie anyway!  I went about my business the rest of the weekend and went to work on Monday and my good ole friend Eric the imaging director, had my first break playing over the loud-speaker for the WHOLE station to hear, talk about being embarrassed lol He NEVER let me live that down, thankfully I didn’t get fired on my first day on the air, so thanks Don lol.

After that disaster, I spent my time in the station learning whatever I could and became the go to part timer in the station.  I eventually wanted more and wanted to do morning/personality radio because it is my favorite! My boss wanted me to stay in Va Beach because he knew how hard of a worker that I am, but I wanted to do morning radio and since I couldn’t jump  right into it in market 43 I started to pursue stations else where and I started to move around the country by myself to follow my dream!

I am not going to go over every specific station I have been to and what I did, because you can look at my resume for that, but what I will tell you is when you decide to follow your dream it is not easy and it takes blood sweat and tears, but you just have to keep moving forward, I am not even exactly where I want to be but I am on the journey and that’s what it is all about and I am here to tell you that’s what you should focus on, “The Journey”, keep moving forward  and enjoy the ride! I have had many bumps in the road and people telling me that I could never accomplish my dream but I don’t focus on that I focus on what I believe, that I CAN do it and I have learned along the way you just have to go with it, my path was nothing like I imagined it lol. Remember you are what your thoughts are and what you believe, so whether you believe you can or you can’t you are right, but I want to show you that you can do whatever it is you want to do, you just have to believe it and commit to it! And believe me that is harder than you think, besides the set backs that you will have most people around you, family, friends, lovers etc can not see your dream that’s why it is important to have tunnel vision and NEVER I repeat NEVER listen to people’s opinions of what you’re doing!!! I’m not saying you can’t take advice from people in the same field you are in that you respect because you need to do that, I have done it my whole career, I mean just people putting their input in on what you are doing, and TRUST me they will!! Usually people are jealous that you are following your dream because they never did or they don’t want to see you go further than them, that saying is real, people want you to do good but never better than them, DON’T EVER FORGET THAT EVER! My suggestion to you is surround yourself with positive and like-minded people, people who will elevate you, inspire, motivate and encourage, and if they don’t do any of those things for you, cut them out NO MATTER WHO they are, I have had to do that several times in my life and my career!

My Journey has been a hell of a ride, I have been fired, talk down to as a woman, asked to do things I don’t believe in doing to get jobs, told I have no talent and that I would NEVER go anywhere, I have doubted myself and been scared of what’s next, but I am STILL here and kicking and I still believe my dream will come true, they key is LITERALLY just keep going, like my fellow Virginian Pharrell Williams said, I’m on a mission NO MATTER the conditions!!!! And that is what brings me here, this website, this platform I have created to let you in what I have had to do, to get where I am, to do what I believe in, to accomplish my dream of hosting a personality based show just about life with all of you as my co-hosts, I welcome you to join me as the journey continues!



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