“Wine Not Wednesday”



Well hello there all of my fellow wine lovers! There is something about getting Wine drunk, that says I’m older but I still like to get drunk but in a classy way that makes me horny lol! Wine not Wednesday is an idea that I had to combine two things that I love to do, drinking wine and getting together  with women and bitching about relationships and things that men to do annoy us! Dudes dont worry though, we still LOVE you, TRUST that!!  I also wanted to make sure women would be completely honest with me in what they shared about their life or relationship, in comes the wine and I have NO doubt in my mind the truth comes out! So every Wednesday I will post a new episode of Wine Not Wednesday with a new topic, so if you would like to be a part of the conversation one week, drink wine and release sone tension, then hit me up and lets do this!  This week I talk about Embarrasing moments that have happened in front of your partner, there’s stories of balls bleeding, masturbating and kids walking in on parents banging, ENJOY!

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