“Wine Not Wednesday” Ep.2

To all of my Wine lovers out there this segment is for you, well really for people who like to talk shit about realtionships and like to drink wine while doing it is what I meant to say lol! HAHA I’m not some Wine connoisseur who can tell whats in a red or white, to be quite frank I will drink “FRANZIA” AKA boxed wine and be a happy little Cougar!

This week on #WNW we talk about the dreaded number, that being the number of people that you have been with before your current boo or husband/ wife and if you actually lie about it when the question actually comes up! In comes the wine, I get people nice and toasty before I start asking them questions so I get the “Real Deal” lol

The  question is, would you lie if your partner asked you what your number was? Think about it!

At least you were not on this episode so you can actually just enjoy other peoples reactions! But if you would like to be on an episode feel free to email me at Lindsay@Lindsayyonair.com

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