Celebrate Life

IMG_5313Well Hello there I know its been awhile since I have posted anything but there is there little thing called life that got in the way for me  plus I went home to VA for the holidays, and you know the saying you need a vacation from your vacation well its TRUE! lol  But I’m back now So Happy NEW YEAR, 2016 is about to be a GREAT year for everyone, I can just feel it!!!! With that being said January is never a good month for me.

The reason why January is not my favorite because today, January 14th is my Father’s birthday, and today he would have been 59, which also means he left this world 9 years ago this year. I struggle with this day each year, some years its been easy and some years it’s been hard, which if you ever have lost anyone than you know how that goes. You would think that it gets easier as the years go by, but that is not the case, it’s really  a day by day thing, you never  really know how your going to feel until that day happens! And some years I have been fine and some years I have been not even able to stand up straight because of the emotional pain literally caused me physical pain. Today I actually am feeling good and have new perspective on it, that’s what I want to share with you.

Before I even say this I will tell you that it has taken me many years to get to this point, so I dont expect you to read this and just change your thoughts and mind, I completely get it. But what I have come to realize is that you should celebrate life on the hard days, for me its this day my Fathers birthday, for years I tried to just keep myself busy but that never really worked.  Instead this year I want to celebrate his life, because he was so full of it, he loved football, the beach and just living life.  He had a saying about life “Soak up lifes juices”! So today instead of mourning, which is completely okay and a human thing to do, I dont want to do that, I want to “Soak up life’s juices” in the celebration of his 50 years on this planet. I want to eat good, because my father LOVED to eat out at good restaurants , and just be present, and appreciate everything and where I am at in life, because I know he would be proud, instead of spending the day upset. I encourage you to do the same when you have those days you are hurting for your loved one, I know its easier said than done,but try just try to reflect on happy times and celebrate their life and times you did have with them and even if you can only do it for 10 minutes before you start crying, it will make you feel better, I promise! And your loved one will be looking down and smiling!