“13 Hours”

Usually on Wednesday I post my segment “Wine Not Wednesday” but after watching the movie 13 hours and I just don’t feel it’s right but rather post my thoughts on the movie “13 Hours”. First off let me just start by sayin I have always be a supporter of the men and women in the military, I don’t always agree with what the government has them doing but my heart goes out to the men and women that protect this country and their families because they serve the time as well. I am a little biased though becuse my brother served in the air force and I have dealt with his several deployments which are not fun for any of the patries involved, the person on them and the families that do the time back home!

With that being said I went and watched “13 Hours” last night and all I can say WOW it is #Powerful! And yes I understand that it is a movie and it is Hollywood, but the movie is based off the real 6 soldiers expierence that night! Regardless of what the media is trying to portray it as and make it political and what not, you don’t really find that in the movie, what you find is that those 6 soldiers  that fought that night are the REAL definition of Heros! And it will give you all of the feels. I cried like a little baby, because it makes you think that when you are having a bad day and whining about someone who cut you off in traffic or that your co -worker pissed you off, that it’s NOT really that serious, seeing what these men went thru, your day is not that bad! It makes you realize the pettiness of your worries or problems, because you are not in a life or death situation everyday like these men.

Although not everyone in the military is special ops or forces and has to go thru went they went thru in Benghazi on that day, but it is a reality for people that are depolyoed in the middle east. They face life or death situations on a daily basis, and I don’t know about you but as an average person I could not imagine that type of life, so I apperciate the people who risk their lives to protect others.

Some people have argued with me that people who are in the military know what they signed up for?!  My reply is NO they don’t, some people join to get free school, some people join to fight for their country, some people join because they had no other choice besides jail, some people join because they dont know what they want to do with their life and the benefits are good and stable and some people join because they feel it is their obligation, but for whatever the reason the reality is they could watch their best friend die right beside them and have to be able to hold it together and keep fighting.  I don’t care how much preparing you do for that, you are not prepared to see or deal with situations like that. Even if they are aware of all the risks they will have to take, untill they are in that situation there is nothing that can prepare them, so No they really don’t know what they are signing up for in a sense.  That is why PTSD is a huge problem among people in the military that needs to be dealt with.

When I left the movie, I felt guilty for ever thinking that I have problems in my life, I mean of course as a human being you every right to have those feelings because we do come across issues and worries,  but all I am saying is this movie will put things in perspective for you, it is a MUST see regardless of what your take is on the miliatry is! Hug and Thank a solider today and everytime you see one. THANK YOU to everyone  that has ever served or is currently serving and RIP to Tyrone Woods and former Marine Glenn Dougherty.