No More “Air Time”

As a Broadcaster we LIVE for going “On Air” , there really is nothing like it, but that is a whole other conversation and that is NOT what I want to talk about today! What I have learned that in life there are some people you need to STOP giving air time too, meaning your time and energy. Oh Don’t worry honey I got examples, PLENTY of examples, that’s what happens when you are on #TeamSingle lol! “Air Time” in real life is the amount of energy, thoughts and time you put into these people and situations, and how much time it takes out of your life, I’m here to help you change that though, hence the “No More Air Time”!

For example, my ex who I hadn’t even talked to in years, yes 5 years, just popped back in my life, I don’t really know why, that’s just what he does pops in and out of my life when he feels like it, till this point anyway! So he was having problems with his finance apparently, so of course he decided to call me, why wouldn’t he? (SARCASM) I don’t know why I even answered the phone but I did, so he gets me all in a frazzle talking about he’s coming up to Pittsburgh to see me, he lives in Virginia Beach where I grew up, so I was freaking out because I didn’t want to see him, I was talking about it with my friends, thinking about it day and night, talking about with strangers really anyone who would listen lol because that is legit all I could think about it. I wasted all this time and energy on him for nothing, for him just to drop off the face of the earth again because he got back with his finance! Which is fine because it’s not like I wanted to be with him but I mean really! I wasn’t even mad at him because that’s the shit he has always done, I was mad at MYSELF for giving him “Air Time” in my life! No MORE though, No more… this bitch got shit to do like chasing dreams and shit!! I haven’t given him any “Air Time” since, until now but that’s only for example purposes, but now I couldn’t be Happier!

That’s just one example, I have plenty of examples of guys that I should give “No Air Time” to, which everyone on #TeamSIngle can relate too because #thestruggleisreal out here, but if I told you tale after tale of guys being whack it would take 28 years and Aint nobody got time for that!

The moral of the story is people and things that drain your energy are not worth your time, but what you have to realize is this, you have control of it, NO not what they do but how you react to it and how it affects you. If you keep thinking about it talking about it, reliving it with your friends or whoever you keep giving that person “Air Time”, so you all you have to do is STOP broadcasting live with that person! (Spoken as a True Broadcaster) , Don’t give these people the time of day whether it’s your ex, your co-worker, your family WHOEVER, give them “No More Air Time”, basically meaning don’t give these people the time of day, because once they don’t have air time in your life, you will feel a whole better so, Handle It! Everytime you think about these people or situations change your thoughts to something positive and if you keep doing it before you know it you are NOT putting energy into it or thinking about it anymore and it is the most Freeing feeling you will ever feel! “No More Air Time” is they key to life! I’m trying to tell you!