“Independent Women”

Independent women, and No I am not talking about the Beyoncé song lol I’m talking about the women out there supporting themselves and look good doing it! I am compelled to write this today because of something that I just experienced this weekend! First off let me just say that being an Independent woman is not an easy one because  you literally do everything by yourself, pay bills, work your ass off, pay for your own drinks, jewelry, vacations, businesses, houses etc and you don’t ask anyone for help! It’s a hard job but you do it because you have to and no one is going to take care of you, at least that is what I was taught growing up!

It doesn’t matter why you are and Independent woman because you have chosen that life or someone left you and gave you no choice, but what does matter is that it is NOT a negative thing, and you should never let anyone a man or another woman use that against you! It blows my mind that anyone would ever think its a negative trait that you can take care of yourself, I mean really? With all of the gold digging hoes and groupies out there and you think it’s a bad thing that I hustle and take care of myself, GTFOH!

I literally had a guy say to me on text message because he was mad at me because I was too independent for him and didn’t wanted to be up his ass and his groupie, keep in mind I literally knew this guy for like a week and hung out with him twice, yes twice! He texted me this weekend ” Take care of yourself, because that’s what your best at”!! WOW, this mofo really just insulted me because he was intimidated that I didn’t need him and could take care of myself!!! I just laughed and was like Thanks for giving me inspiration on what to write and talk about this week, and good luck with finding a groupie, go on Tinder there are plenty of them there! #ByeFelicia The nerve of him, he really tried to insult me because I take care of myself, I just laughed and decided to write this!

With that story being told, I would like to take the time out to Shout out the real men out there, NOT like this Douchebag, who are NOT intimidated by a woman taking care of herself! A lot of men say that want an Independent woman but really can’t handle it when it comes down to it, so I appreciate all the men out there that are unaffected by an independent woman! I’m just trying to find one of you lol #CALLME

Long story short, which I really am incapable of lol, is don’t let anyone dull your sparkle and use your independence against you, Stop the Haters in their track and keep it moving because Independence looks good on you!