“I’m Done”… Being Single Is Hard

So, let me just start this off on a positive note, that I DO believe they are good men out there! I’m just not sure where the available ones are?! LOL And I am NOT a man hater either nor do I think all men are the same because one guy Fucked me over. I’m grown I’m 33 years old, I know better than that an as a women you do go thru a stage of that but then you become wise and realize men are not all the same.

Now, with that being said I will say that it gets frustrating when you deal with the same type of guys over and over and over again, and it’s not the case of looking for a Thug who is graduating from Harvard that takes me on romantic walks on the beach but will beat some dudes ass for looking at me either.  That is often people’s argument that your looking for the perfect guy and he does not exist. ACTUALLY I’m NOT looking for anything as matter of fact. As a single 33 year old it is hard enough dealing with these millennials who want to Snapchat you or text you instead actually picking up the phone and communicating with you or a guy who doesn’t know how to give you space, I would rather just be alone.  And I know what you are thinking to yourself, well Lindsay why are you talking to these millennials, AKA younger dudes? Oh don’t you worry I’ll tell you why. Most men, key word MOST not all, my age are taken, have kids or are bitter because they are going thru their first divorce, and the ones that aren’t must live in caves!!! I mean I know they are not in caves but where do you find them, I mean really? Yes I meet most of them in bars, that doesn’t mean they are all bad, I mean some are but just because they like to go out doesn’t make then douche bags it just means they like to have fun.  Plus where are you supposed to meet dudes the grocery store? I hate going to the grocery store anyway and I’m def not trying to talk to anyone while I’m there.

Let me give you some examples of things that have recently happened to me so you can understand better that I am NOT bitter or not giving these guys a chance, I will NOT name names though!!! I wouldn’t be true to my game if I did! One in particular, this guy I met we will call him, A, I liked him. I could tell he was intelligent, kind, smart, funny all the above kinds of thing, he told all of my friends he liked me, but would never tell me, so I always flirted with him and gave him ALL of the signs to ask me out, he never did, that’s fine, expect he would play this game of liking me when he wanted and not when he didn’t have time. We are still friends with some weird tension though, I text him just as a friend to say let’s hang out this week he says yes but Never texts me back, Okay he’s not my man so it’s whatever, I then text him on a Saturday night to come hang out he does not respond, again ok cool, I will keep it moving then, but then out of the blue three days later he is texting me and asking me what I am doing???? I’m over here like HELLO did you forget about last week or last Saturday?? #AintNobodygottimeforthat

Second Story, we will call this dude B) he is just a hot ass mess, I have known him for awhile and we are just friends but in his mind we are more than that, oh and this one is older than me BTW! He always makes passive aggressive moves on me and I ignore him because I’m not really interested in this one, but I do like him as a friend! But I am not sure girls can just be friends with dudes, look out for the topic on “Wine Not Wednesday” because we don’t have time to go into that here!!! B and I were going to see a comedy show and we were texting back an forth and what the plan was for the next night and at the end of the text he says Pick me up at 8pm?? WAIT, WHAT? I replied UMMMMM really, I have to come get you, u can’t come get me? His response was, I drink more than you do!!!!!! I was livid, Oh really so you just assumed I was going to drive so you could enjoy the show and I didn’t want to, like what about me, and even though we are just friends you are still the man, call me old school I don’t care but that is his job to take care of that, and as a single women I do get tired of always having to take care of myself, it just is what it is! I mean I would have no problem if we went half on an Uber but he didn’t even suggest that he just assumed I was taking care of the driving…. #ICANT

Third story, C, is younger than me and is obsessed, he won’t leave me alone only because I really won’t give him the time of the day, True Story.  He tries way to hard to impress me, and for me that’s like the biggest turn off EVER, I even tell him it’s cool you don’t have to do stuff like that,  he also tells his friend about the few times I have hung out with him and then his friend will make sarcastic comments when he is around, which is like really what are we in the sixth grade again, I mean CMon.  Anyway He never calls, just texts me, which is annoying like you can’t speak? then I found out he was on Tinder, I’m like to each his own but that is not my kind of dude and I called him out on it and he didn’t like that but it’s like the meaner I am to him the more he texts or snapchats lol There is some other things he did but no need to even go into that because well, Tinder… that’s the end for me!

I’m not telling these stories to brag or to be like oh I have all these dudes, cuz I’m not even like that I’m just done being single and trying to date, it’s annoying and a waste of time really till I meet that prince charming I guess, but I am not going to hold my breath either, till then I guess I will just cuddle with my wine and focus on my dreams!

P.S.- NO, I’m not going to do online dating either

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