Music Therapy Ep.6 Jake Anderkovitch, Lead Singer from “Northern Gold”

13835719_10208728249337768_1799463959_oTerry and I interview Jake Anderkovitch the lead singer of a local band here in Pittsburgh called “Northern Gold”. i love supporting local musicians because I love watching the process of creativity and the blossoming of a band, and not to mention the hunger the band has when they start! Speaking of hunger there is no other musician that I know that is more hungry than Jake, I mean he literally is in three bands, the guy is hungry! He discusses all the bands he is in below but we focus on “Northern Gold”.  I got a chance to go see them recently and I have to say they are “Must See”. Female or male you can relate to Jake lyric’s and the smooth melodies from Northern Gold because Jake literally makes the lyrics come alive and the melodies literally make you feel all types of emotions depending on what relationship bullshit you have put up with, and we all have been in “THAT” relationship! In this interview you can really hear how much Jake has a love for music, writing and creating it! Make sure u listen to “Northern Gold’s” single at the end of the interview “Holding On”, it is fantastic, hits you right in the feels!

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