#HateradeReport “Millienials Outfits at Concerts”

12 year olds


#Hateradereport 12 years olds should NOT be wearing make up and crop tops at concerts! So I know that I am going to sound like an old ass hater when I talk about this topic, but I am not at all, just hear me out. And look I am older and am in my 30’s but I know about trends and what’s hip in the fashion world, I legit sound like your mom don’t I? I contemplated erasing that statement, but then I thought nah it is what it is!

I went to the Wiz Kahlifia and Snoop Dogg concert on Wednesday and I really couldn’t believe my eyes! These outfits that these young girls have on really make me question life! I’m not even talking about 16 and 17 year olds that are rebelling whatever their parents tell them because that is expected, I’m talking about these 11-12 year old girls out there! They all literally had the same outfit on too!

I’m telling you tube has ruined everything! Just because you watched a you tube tutorial on how to contour your face doesn’t mean you should! Especially if your 11 years old, I don’t even know how to contour my face and I shouldn’t be looking to an 11 year for advice! So these young ass girls had a full face of make up on crop tops and short ass shorts on with the pockets and ass out! Crop Top at 12, Cmon mannnnnn , I don’t even have kids and that is wa to damn young to be at a concert in a crop top! I said to myself “Where are the parents at” in my Eminem voice? People want to know why I don’t want to have kids! I’d beat my daughter’s ass!

I also understand that kids sneak out of the house with one outfit on and change into another, I have done it, we all have done it and if you didn’t do it then you have not lived! lol But that is for the real teenagers, the 16 and 17 year olds that are expected to be doing stuff like that because we at least can write it off as a phase, NOT 12 year olds! How can you explain to me that a 12 year old is out of the house in public, with a full face of make up a crop top and booty shorts, I’ll wait…. you can’t. I am not posting pics of outfits I saw on the 12 year olds either because well… jail, there is this old school thing called your imagination, use it! I feel like I shouldn’t even be having this conversation but yet here I am!

What’s the solution, I don’t even know what to tell you! Don’t let your kids wear make up in public, at home is different playing but not out of the house and seriously watch what they are wearing, you are buying it for them aren’t you? Oh Jesus I sound like a mother, I don’t even know who I am anymore, and yes I don’t have kids but I know what happens to them when you let them were crop tops at 12,which is a whole other blog we will get into another day, but you get my drift!

Bottom line is do your job and be a parent to your children and not their best friend and have them out here looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman at 12 years old. Also, don’t judge me when I tell you I don’t want to have kids either, reference the above #Hateradereport!