“Risk the Fall So You Know What It Feels Like To Fly”


Alright so I’m moving to Nashville! It’s just time for me to leave Pittsburgh, but I don’t have plan, I’m not exactly sure what I am going to do or how I am going to do it quite frankly, but I am going to do it! Society teaches you that you have to have everything figured out, and me personally because I am a Virgo I like to plan plan and then plan some more, but the Universe and God have taught me to throw all of that out the window and trust them. At the end of the day everything always works out anyway and the Universe puts you right were you NEED to be! Key word is NEED not want but need to be! And each year that I have gotten older I have realized that there is NO other way than to just trust the Universe, God, or whatever your preference is to call that.

So, I’m taking a blind leap of faith on continuing my career and I’m moving to Nashville with NO plan! Well, not yet anyway once I am there and settled  I’m sure that I will devise/continue the master plan! Did I think that Nashville was going to be a stop on the path? No I did not, but the opportunity has presented itself to me to move there so I am! I have chosen this life of being a ‘Wonderer” as my fave artist Jhene Aiko calls it, and having no man and no kids so I can chase the dream and go wherever I need to go at any moment to achieve my dream, so that’s what I have been doing  for the last 7 years and will continue to do untill my dream has been fulfilled! I have been moving to a different state basically yearly at this point since 09, so this is not new to me and I really enjoy starting over and moving to a new state with new people and new culture, and Nashville and it’s music scene pulled me in, so I’m going!

People always ask me are you scared, nervous? Are you excited? I mean I am human I really am all of those things but I DON’T let those emotions and thoughts win and I push them out of my head when they come in and replace them with positivity! I think that is the hardest concept for people to understand because that is not what we have been taught to do, we have been taught to stress, worry, have a plan etc. I’m not even sure if I am even explaining this right to you but all I can say is I believe in myself and my talent.  I believe 100% that I will accomplish my dream, and that alone pushes me through the doubt and negativity! It’s easier said than done but that is all you need, BELIEF IN YOURSELF! 

So with that being said, I’m out of Pittsburgh and on to Nashville, I will keep you updated on where I end up and what I am doing! In the meantime make sure you are following me on social media, @Lindsayyonair! Thanks for all of the Love and support!

“I’m on a mission No matter the conditions” – Pharell Williams

P.S.- I will continue all three of my podcasts, I just have to find new co-hosts etc. and I’m not sure how long that will take but they will continue on! In the meantime subscribe to Lindsayyonair on Itunes or Googleplay!