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Well where do I begin? Probably at birth Lindsay is what you are saying to yourself, ok then, I’ll start there!

I was born In Norfolk, VA in 1982, I debated telling you that because that gives away my age but it is what it is, I’m not 20 anymore but sometimes I act like it, I mean you are only really as old as you think you are, so girl I’m about 22! Can we say Cougar? lol I like to think of myself like wine, I get better with age!

I grew up loving sports and always doing something, at the age of 3, I started dancing, and never really stopped, but I did switch sports though, I started gymnastics at the age of 9 till 11 which I loved, I still can do a back bend or two!! At the age of 11 I switched to soccer which I played till I graduated High School and messed up my knee and had to have surgery and that’s a whole other story, that we don’t really have time for and plus who wants to hear about stitches and braces and people waiting on me for six months, I’m not saying it was ideal but I enjoyed what I could! That’s how I roll!

I was a bartender till I started working in radio in my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA , the 757, 2 up 2 down, people from VA will understand that, it’s kinda our thing! I had a BLAST behind a bar, I loved seeing new faces every night and talking crap to guys about football on Sundays, and they loved it because I actually understand the game so they would give me all of their money which made us BOTH happy! And to be honest working behind a bar really is what prepared me for radio, it taught me how to talk to people, different kinds of people and how to read people! Which made it very natural for me to be in radio, to be able to talk about anything and not to be afraid of being in front of people. That is what I like the most, being in front of people, I like to be in a studio for all of the technical things too, but I love meeting new people and interacting with them!

I got into radio at first because I wanted to do cool stuff,  scratch that, I just wanted to go backstage and hang out with the artists if I am being honest, but shortly after I started doing that I realized that I LOVED the programming side of radio, which is the On Air part for those of you NOT in radio! As radio people we have a tendency to use “Radio talk” lol yes that’s real! Which is when I realized what my dream and passion was, RADIO, to host a personality based show where I could connect with people!

So I spent every waking moment of my life after that in the radio station learning everything I could, and No I did NOT get paid, I was taught that if you want something you got to go get it, and the station wasn’t going to spoon feed me anything so I had to take advantage of what was in front of me, which I did! That ultimately led me to where I am now! It took a lot of sacrifice though and lots of hard work and moving around the country by myself to chase the dream, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, plus I LOVE to travel and see new things and meet new faces! I love entertaining people so to me it is worth all of the sacrifice, to see someone smile, laugh or just connect with what I am talking about, fullfills me! And No I didn’t got to college for radio, that is the most frequent asked question I get, I did go to community college for two years but never finished. I believe that expierence is more valuable anyway.  I’m not saying that a college degree is a bad thing, I just wasn’t into going into about 100 grand worth of debt for a piece of paper on the wall, I do think that if you can get a free ride you most definately should go, or if you want to be a lawyer, doctor etc, but that wasn’t for me and I didn’t need a degree for what I wanted to do!

But just because I didn’t go to college dosen’t mean I didn’t bust my ass like a student, I worked three jobs and interned so I could learn everything and started from the bottom. I sacrificied everything I knew and was comfortable with, my friends, my family my home the beach, so I could follow my heart, passion and dream. And it was the BEST decision I ever made, it hasn’t been easy, but NOTHING in this world that is worth having comes easy and I would NOT change one thing, the good or the bad, because it has defined me, challenged me, inspired me, taught me, made me stronger, changed me for the better and made me who I am today!

With all of that being said, that brings me to this point, where I am today, stepping out on my own so I can have full creative control of the show that I want to do for you! As with all of the steps I have made in my career and life I am starting from the bottom. My only goal with the show is to make you feel something, have an opinion on whatever I talk about that day, whether you agree or disagree.  Don’t worry, I will NEVER run out of things to talk about either, especially because my life is well, needless to say entertaining being on #TeamSingle and all, that alone gives me topics for about 20 years lol!

I am a huge pitbull supporter so I will talk about rescue sometimes and Eminem of course, he’s my husband by the way so back off ladies he’s mine! Hahaha yeah right I wish, but that is one of my career goals is to interview Mr. Slim shady, so if you are reading this Em please contact me! I don’t know who I am kidding if he actually called me I would probably pass out, that’s the only person I get a pass for fan girling out for, because he inspired me to follow my dream and got me through some rough times, and I hope I can do for you what he did for me, INSPIRE YOU!




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